PowerCube Extended 1.5m

The PowerCube Extended and Extended USB are delivered with a docking mount, allowing you to mount the Power-Cube anywhere you want: even on a wall or below a table. This allows you to mount a power outlet wherever it is the most convenient for you, so that you do not have to crawl below your desk to plug in e.g. your laptop.

Mounting system

The PowerCube can easily be fixated onto the dock: just rotate the PowerCube 90 degrees, and it locks into place. Any side of the PowerCube can be used for docking, so the PowerCube can be oriented in any direction.
Another great feature of the docking mount is the fact that you can remove it again without having to worry about
leaving any glue residues or scratching your desk’s surface: just pull the tabs, and the dock easily comes off, without leaving any glue residue.

Specification of Powercube Extended 1.5m :-
• 240V~; 10A
• 2400W (grounded)
• Resettable circuit breaker
• Surge Protector
• 1.5m Cable